OT: Aleksandr Nevskij, USSR (1938)

Director: Sergei Eisenstein

Music: Sergei Prokofjew

ALEXANDER NEVSKY is an epic monumental film about a Russian national hero. The film addresses themes such as love, bravery and inhuman cruelty, making it emotional and thrilling – supported by Eisenstein’s strong cinematic language. Eisenstein was pleased with the film not only for its splendid pictures, yet also for the fine music Prokofjew composed for it – never before had these two elements suited each other so perfectly in their totality. The magnificently produced “battle on the ice', in which the German invaders are crushed, is in cinematic and musical terms without doubt the filmic highpoint.

CONTENT: This epic film tells the story of the Russian national hero Alexander Nevsky, who in the 13th century led the Russian people's troops to victory against the German crusaders moving forward from the West. The German conquerors treat the population with extreme cruelty; tormenting, killing, or abducting everybody standing in their way. Prince Alexander Nevsky, the glorious victor over the Swedes, takes over the command of the Russian army. Through trickery, Nevsky lures the Germans onto the frozen lake Peipus, where the final, decisive battle ensues. After the murderous fight, the surviving enemies attempt to flee, yet the ice breaks under their weight, and they drown in the lake. In the end, Alexander Nevsky is celebrated as a hero in Novgorod.


INSTRUMENTATION: 2+Pic.2+1/EHr.3+EsKl+2BKl+2SopranSax/AltSax+AltSax/TenorSax+TenorSax.2+KFg - 6.1/Piston+6.TenorHr.4.2 - Pk.5Schlzg.2Hfe.Klav - Mezzosopran-Solo.großer gemischter Chor - Streicher (

number of musicians: 98 + choir + soloist


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