OT: Iwan Grozny, UdSSR (1943-45)

Director: Sergei Eisenstein

Music: Sergei Prokofiev

IVAN THE TERRIBLE – the second joint project of Sergei Eisenstein and Sergei Prokofiev – is, much like ALEXANDER NEWSKI, a historical epic, portraying the rise and fall of the autocratic ruler Ivan IV in the 16th century.

ALEXANDER NEWSKI and IVAN THE TERRIBLE count in terms of both film and music history as outstanding productions. Out of the collaboration of two like-minded artists emerged works that would have an incalculable influence on international film and establish themselves in the world heritage of great art – a unique occurrence, for Prokofiev considered his contributions to cinematography forever over after Eisenstein’s sudden death.

MUSIC: Sergei Prokofiev’s musical portrayal is unique in film history, for the score conceives both parts of the film on an epic scale. Diatonicism and lavish chromaticism as well as bold, sudden modulations meld in the opulent music for orchestra, chorus and soloists. Prokofiev’s rich melodic invention thrives on the expressive sound palette of his native Russia, mostly as they echo the spiritual works of the Russian-orthodox liturgy. Prokofiev’s penetrating composition, much like the protagonist Ivan, is also packed with ambivalence. Prokofiev illustrates this complex psyche with a wealth of motives. Youthful, lively passages stand in contrast to gloomy, lugubrious moments which serve to convey the dark side of the ruler.

2+pic.2+ca.3+piccl+bcl+asax/ tsax.4+cbsn — — timp.5perc — hp — pno — strings — choir — contralto solo + baritone solo + 3 children‘s voices
103 min. (part 1), 88 min. (part 2)  

In cooperation with ROC GmbH Berlin, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Musikverlag Sikorski, ZDF/ARTE, Musikfest Berlin and the EUROPEAN FILMPHILHARMONIC INSTITUTE. 


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