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Frank Strobel drew superlative playing from the Philharmonia Orchestra.








Brian Barford from Classical Source

about „Metropolis“, Royal Festival Hall London June 13th:


Frank Strobel talks about Siegfried Wagner- listen to SWR2, june4th, 2019

Today, Frank Strobel is one of the few conductors who has committed himself to the musical work of Siegfried Wagner. In the SWR2 Musikgespräch with Wolfgang Scherer, he talks about the artistic originality of the Richard-Wagner son, the...more


"Metropolis" in London and Aix en Provence - Frank Strobel conducts the Philharmonie Orchestra





The world premiere of the – so far - most comprehensive film and music reconstruction of Fritz Lang's masterpiece "Metropolis" was certainly the undisputed highlight of the Berlinale 2010. After a spectacular discovery of film...more


"Looking back and listening back."



A soirée in Schloss Bellevue on Tuesday, April 2nd honors the art and culture at the time of the Weimar Republic.


Included in a large program at the time were Frank Strobel and Olav Lervik, both piano, with a suite to film excerpts from...more


„High Noon im Funkhaus" - Frank Strobel conducts "Live to Projection" : ARD crime scene "Born in pain".







A review by Stefan Arndt in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung from 1.2.2019.more